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Solution the provides USB input, SD Card Reader, and Aux input for carputers?

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  • Solution the provides USB input, SD Card Reader, and Aux input for carputers?

    Hi everyone, I've been doing some searching but have come across such a product that will connect to a carputer somehow. I'm looking to see if there is any hardware that can be connected to carputer via USB (or maybe RCA/3.5mm jack) that can be mounted remotely and provide inputs for USB audio, SD card, and Aux in. I know I could obviously run a separate cable/component for each of these type inputs I would like to have, but I'd love a hardware interface of some sort that combines the 3 of these inputs into one piece of hardware that can be mounted somewhere near the dash, in a center console, or in a glove box. Thanks in advance!


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    Your best bet may be to get a USB hub, and run that to a USB panel connector, SD card reader, and a USB sound card with ports panel mounted. Then you only have to run one USB cable for all of them.
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      They have things like this ebay item# 270853270858


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        Thanks so much for the replies, guys! Rray, I definitely like your idea for if I decide to mount something in inside the compartment of the center console or something. I think I might just end up mounting panel mounts for a USB port and aux-in... might just skip on the SD card reader, but not sure yet. The media dashboard definitely gives lots of options though! Thanks again fellas!