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Idea to keep standard stereo buttons

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  • Idea to keep standard stereo buttons

    Hi All
    I havent been around for a while but i am thinking about rejoining the ranks and installing a new CarPC in my current car (2010 Ford Fiesta).

    however if your not aware the stereo in the for fiesta is quite unique, it has a front panel full of buttons, a separate small screen and a hidden unit which controls everything.

    For the last couple of years ive had a Chinese stereo installed which is based on Wince5 and is basically a Carpc that got terrible software and is drastically under specced. so i am thinking about keeping the 7" touch screen from this unit and stripping out all the electronics from the main unit and installing a new car PC. this is all great but it leaves me with 1 problem.

    I have to keep the existing stereo button because to blank them off would just look silly, and if i keep them then i would like them to control the PC...

    This is the issue i am stuck on at the moment. there are 30+ buttons on the panel, however there are only 14 pins on the plug. I am looking into using the RCJoyCon to accept the signals from the front panel and send them to the PC. so this leaves me with 2 questions:

    1) will the RCjoyCon work in the way i am wanting
    2) how can i work out which pin does what if there are only 14 pins then each button must share a pin with another button?

    here is a picture of the front of the stereo
    Click image for larger version

Name:	1005021_199673.jpg
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    Thanks in advance and i'm sure there will be a few more questions to come later on
    Prepping for Trax in september
    Re-Building the whole CarPC to upgrade all the software
    Whole new boot build and moulding my screen into the dash...Again

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    Welcome back Ken.

    You will really need to search online for a schematic/pinout for that unit.

    Maybe contact your ford dealer they might have some info.

    Ford forums would also be a good place to try/ask.


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      you have a big chance that e.g. the keypad has a data out connection , thats only 2 wires , and I agree with the above , try and find a pinout schematic for the buttons, thats your best bet
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        i managed to find a wiring diagram in my haynes manual :-)

        Its difficult to tell from the picture but the components on the top right of the image are:
        83 - Instrument panel console switch assembly
        84 - message centre control unit
        85 - audio remote controls

        I assume 85 is the steering wheel controls of which there are 5 buttons
        84 could be the original screen
        83 could be the button panel that i am interested in but that only seems to have 3 connections when the connector actually has 14 pins. Any ideas?

        Click image for larger version

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        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_1081.JPG
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        Click image for larger version

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        Prepping for Trax in september
        Re-Building the whole CarPC to upgrade all the software
        Whole new boot build and moulding my screen into the dash...Again


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          3 sounds about right.

          12v in

          Now the buttons could either be done by having a different resistance to each one.

          or work on a BUS like the BMW iBus.

          If it is a very new Ford it might have CANBus as a lot of the newer cars seem to. in which case they might work off that.

          *Edit, in fact it does say CANBUS in the diagram so you do have CANBUS

          There are a couple of new threads about hacking the canbus, might be worth a look.
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            If you can get the factory manual for your vehicle you will come out loads ahead.

            It will describe much more about the wiring and what it all means since it is designed to tell a Ford Tech how to fix your car.

            Something like this would be great but if you do a search you can find others.


            Believe me, it is worth the cost of the books. I purchase them for every one of my vehicles now. The cost savings in repairs with one of these compared to a third party repair manual is incomparable.


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              There are a couple of dash adapters out there that might work like this one if that helps you in any way.
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