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  • Vibe 11.6" tablet

    Just wanted to give a heads up on the Vibe/exopc/bmodo tablet. Its a 11.6" multitouch atom tablet with 2 gig ram 64gig ssd wifi bluetooth win7 home premium 2 usb ports sd hdmi and a very nice look. This link will get it for 299.00 cad. These were around 700 when they first came out. Been using this model in a bunch of transports with out a hitch SNO

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    Thats not a bad deal at there any accessible mini pcie slots in there or dare I say spare slots? Just needs gps.

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      Actually since this model has no 3g it does have an empty mini-pci-e/usb slot. They are easy to open up and a good youtube video on disassembly. It has 4 slots in total 1 for ssd, 1 for hd decoder, 1 for wifi/bluetooth and 1 for 3g/gps or empty. The sim slot is on mainboard if you wanted to source the original 3g/gps card. I can get you the model number of the 3g modem if you need. SNO


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        Stupid question.. Why one needs a pcie for GPS. Is it on 3g card?


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          Yes it is a combo card using a-gps. (Assisted-GPS) a-gps uses the cell tower triangulation to help get cordinates and to speed up regular gps satelite locations. Most cell phones with gps built-in use this technology. SNO