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First generation install in ...but I have too problems.

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  • First generation install in ...but I have too problems.

    1) Minor but annoying. The FM modulator is picking up some noise from the Alternator which is audable when not playing music. Most likely a grounding issue, as i don't get this noise from the radio. Can live with it while I sort it.

    2) More serious. As this is a generation one build, I'm using a normal ATX PSU inside the case in the boot, and an Inverter underneath the rear seats, with a relay operated by the antenna/remote line powering up the inverter. Worked fine in practice when the weather was cooler with just my Cellphone charger plugged in on the way to work. Fitted all the computer gear, fired it up, excellent, worked as planned.

    But as it is very warm for the UK locally, after about 15 minutes, suddenly all things powered by the inverter (The external DVD rom/The Screen PSU (tried using a branch from the ATX psu but no joy), and the PC) all shut down together. If I switch off the headunit, and switch it back on again, the inverter fires up again, but this time for only about 5 minutes (not much longer than win2k takes to boot back up after a bad shutdown) to power off.

    I'm thinking that heat is the issue here. As it is below the seat, I can't there being much airflow (surrounded by carpet). Last job I did tonight was to cut a flap (sacrilege I know in a Classic Saab, but I can join it back later with duct tape from behind) and move the Inverter fan through that flap into the cabin. Can't see it being much cooler in there, but I shall see if it makes a difference.

    Didn't reckon on heat being an issue in the UK though. And I can't imagine it is load on the inverter though, as it is powerering a 1.3ghz Duron, a Coolermaster silent heatpipe with low speed fan, a 3.5"HDD, and a USB port powered Cold cathode. Most of them aren't exactley high draw goodies, even the screen at 12V 1amp, and the 6v External DVD drive coan't be that bad surely.
    It must be heat.
    4x4 in a turbo stylee.

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    Update time

    Well, update time.

    I haven't done anything about the noise issues yet.

    Wanted to get stable first.
    Mate suggested that I was over powering the Inverter.
    Looks like he was right.
    Swapped the 300watt ATX PSU for a second hand 250watt ATX to try.

    Powered up, car got pretty hot inside, but system didn't over heat.

    Guess even though a 300watter won't draw 300watts till needed, it was still popping the inverter overload. The 250watt +the screen powerbrick+the DVDrom Powerbrick must have been below tolerances.

    Now to sort out the noise.

    Isn't audible when music playing, some noise anyway as interference, but also some alternator whine. Again, not audible when music playing, just when swapping tracks.
    4x4 in a turbo stylee.


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      I have one spelled two wrong : )
      Progress here:


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        Yeah, I know. I tried to correct it. It corrects in the thread, but not in the main forum listing.

        But anyway, what do you know we invented english

        Nah, just messing with ya.

        Will try to post some snaps of it on in the next couple of days.
        4x4 in a turbo stylee.