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OEM Navigation, Non navigation touchscreen to control PC

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  • OEM Navigation, Non navigation touchscreen to control PC

    Hey everyone,
    I tried posting this in LCD forum, did not get many replies.
    Does anyone know of a good way to connect a carpc to a aftermarket din?

    Run a Carpc to say a clarion or pioneer, hide the PC but switch back and forth to it, control it with the touchscreen?

    Not really worried if the din has Navigation, or if it required? Looking for both options in a single din or double din.

    Some replies that RGB does not work good for quality?, It seems not many make VGA inputs into there head units.

    Any info would be great, my car is a 06 Vette, ill post pictures when i figure out my project plans and start building.


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    This is about all I could find, it's for Alpine.


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      Just what iam looking for Paladin!!

      Looks like someone started creating a converter, then thread went soft, maybe they are still in the works.

      But, anyway, thanks for the reply and effort