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Planning a build around Android.

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  • Planning a build around Android.

    Well a little over a year ago I was working on a CarPC build and just ended up not happy with the functionality, or glitches of the front end software. So I sold everything off and decided to just wait.

    Well this year I got a new car (2005 VW Passat Wagon GLX 4-Motion) and well I want to do a full build up again. I was thinking about a tablet but you have to do all kinds of stuff to get lots of USB ports and stuff. So I'm kind of thinking of using the Samsung Arndale platform, it's a dual core Arm Cortex A15 CPU with a very nice GPU, 2GB of DDR3 ram and plenty of expandability. It is 249 dollars, but it also comes with GPS, Compass, Accelerometer, Wifi, FM, Soundboard, and so on for the 249 dollar price so I don't think the cost is THAT bad. It may be a bit more in the end then using a tablet, but I should also have a lot more flexibility even more so that if I decide to not use Android it will still run Ubuntu and the likes. So just curious what you guys think? I've heard that Capacitive touch panel USB devices work out of the box, so I'm hoping to get a nice LCD display and run it on it. The other reason I like that it's not a tablet is that I should be able to easily connect GPS, WIFI, and FM antenna's rather easily.

    As for the LCD, I think I want to try and get an HD 7-8" lcd. I'd really like to get something in the 8" range but a bit larger but not finding many options out there. Also am planning to get a sunlight readable display with anti glare glass and what not. Someone mentioned one online that has all that + anti fingerprint coating and so on with a 1280x800 resolution for 680 bucks or so with a 1200nit backlight. You can get just the LCD with projected capacative panel for like 480. There aren't a lot of options out there for nicer screens though.