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7" screens for Win 8

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  • 7" screens for Win 8

    I'm planning my carPC right now, and plan on 2 7" screens (one in existing 2din slot and the other above it where nav would be if I had it equipped). I'd really like suggestions as to which screens to go with to be Win 8 compatible. It seems every screen I look at is 800x480 resolution. Is this just the "standard" resolution and can most of them go higher than that? I'm probably going to initially use Win 7, but I think the Metro interface might actually be nice in a car pc, so I'd like to be future proofed for that. I'd like to stay somewhat on the cheap, but would at least like the top screen to be pretty good in the sunlight and viewing angles. Is using Nexus 7 or other tablet screens a viable option?