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Partsexpress 4" LCD

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  • Partsexpress 4" LCD

    Has anyone found any good enclosures for this LCD or good ways of protecting the circuits when the mounting it in their car?

    Plus does anyone have any information on servos or mounting brackets for stuff like this. I was thinking it would be cool that be able to mount it in the DIN slot in the car with a servo to control the in/out motions.


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    here is a servo controller that hooks to your serial port tell. i've seen a couple people use it and love it. good luck
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      I got mine at radio shack. Can't remember the part number but the case is a perfect fit.
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        I have a 2000 focus, and there where no good dash locations for the parts express 4" so I took the vanity mirror out of the passenger side visor, cut the cardboard backing out
        slapped the screen between the wire frame inside, and then made a masonite bezel covered with felt and stitched it in. The screen has been mistaken for a factory mirror when the screen is not on. I plan on making making a whole new cover for the entire visor to make it look even more uniform.

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          Psalmx - is the case 6x4x2? thats what I was thinking of using but I didnt know if it would work