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NUC suitable for CarPC?

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  • NUC suitable for CarPC?

    Hi. I am about to build a carpc and have begun ordering parts (fascia kit and touch screen), was planning on using the NUC but wanted some opinions on it and whether it is suitable and what problems I may run into?
    Thanks for any help.

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    Not sure they are such a good deal. I think you could fine a nice mini-itx with a little bit more cpu power for less and that would also have on-board audio at least.
    Gigabyte GA-Z77n-wifi
    It comes with wifi and bluetooth cpu upgradable and usb 3 as a bonus
    Intel i3-3210 3.2ghz
    you equally need to get ram and ssd so thats a wash just a case, my recommendation for a nice solid metal case is
    Just slightly over the 299 price of nuc.
    Just my 2 cents. SNO
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      I second that Sno, I have one of these "High durability" boards too.. Unlike the NUC this motherboard was designed for harsh environments.

      I believe I have an intel I3-3225 on mine. It is a 3.4ghz dual core unit with Intel 4000 graphics. With my Patriot 64G SSD I get 7's in every performance area except the video where I get "only" 6.4 on both 2d and 3d... I put 16 gig on my board. Haven't been able to get the blue tooth to work right under 64bit Win7 though.

      I have an MX3 on this board and it runs very well.. Just waiting now for my school year to finish so I can start fabricating a sub box so I can remove the factory sub in my console and mount the PC in the console. I used the M350 case for mine. Very tight fit.
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        What about space though? Mitx is far bigger than a nuc. I for one want to mount mine in the dash which a nuc makes possible. Also later when I do a jeep one I need to mount it as high as possible, much easier to do with 4"/4" rather than an mitx especially with only a 19v power input instead of atx.
        Not arguing with you just trying to further the discussion a bit for different situations.


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          If it's all about small form factor, then I think we may have a winner……… maybe.


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            That Gigabyte Brix looks pretty good. But after adding an mSATA and External sound card (not to mention amplifier thump which is unavoidable w/ external sound cards) Doesnt seem worth it IMO.