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looking for help with Adruino, Bluetooth & lipo add-on, Touchscreen.

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  • looking for help with Adruino, Bluetooth & lipo add-on, Touchscreen.

    Hi mp3car world,

    I just joined this site cuz I seen a guy on here that did the same project with his Android phone. I will just get stright into it:

    What he did was program the Adruino and used a Bluetooth Lipo add-on and he could control his android phone with a external touch screen. Amazing right? Thats what I thought until It came down to building and programming this device to meet my android hopes into my car. Well with programming I'm no wiz kid at this so I'm asking for a little help from the forum to help me program and maybe learn something on the way.

    So what do I really need to make this happen

    Adruino Uno R3? (will this board do?)
    Bluetooth & lipo add-on
    4 wire touch screen (Do you guys have a choice one that you like?)

    I know something like the Adruino library is a good place to start

    I know this might be alot to ask for but I really do not want to go to the app radio 2 for my android car I would love to build something and learn about my field more. I work with touch screens and monitors at work alot. Just replacing bad caps. And changing out boards that are bad. I work at a casino. As a Tech. So board work and soldering is not a big deal to me. Its the programming and planing I need help with. SO THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the help guys.

    Thank you mp3 car gods. lol. Have a good weekend everyone.

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    Well I will update on my own post and post what I know that will get this project of mine going.

    4 wire touch screen
    Arduino pro mini (for the compact size since this will be in the car)
    Bluetooth modem BlueSMiRF HID (need this cuz it will act like a human interface)
    break out board the the touch screen

    Arduino meets Amruino
    And arduinos program to write the code

    There is some other stuff like the breakout board for the arduino to hook it up to the computer to burn the code onto the arduino. But Im going to order the boards this friday and get this project really rolling. I have found one project that kinda looked like I want to do put they are using the touch screen as a mouse through USB. I will have to further read though it to see what I can get from that project.

    So If some arduino project master can chime in and help me out with writing the code that would be great. I will continue to update this as I find out more info. I just refuse to pay 215 for the mimicsX2 controller to do this project since I have seen this done with the arduino and the HID.

    Wish me luck guys.


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      I cannot belive that nobody had anything to say on this. That is crazy. Well so I have found some really good websites about making a bluetooth mouse with a touch pad on the very cheap. Although he does not use an arduino he uses a pic. Strange, but It might do me some good. I will post the website if somebody wants to check it out.

      Thats some really great stuff there. The blog one does have a pic and does not use the arduino. It looks like this could work and do it on the really really cheap. Like 50 compared to $215.00 and over seas for the mimics.


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        I'm very interested in this project, but I have had little time to research where to buy the hardware. How far have you gotten with this project since your last post?


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          Hi bflat. Yes this project is moving at the speed of a turtle. lol. I'll give you the run down on what stuff I have bought and what I found out as far as the code as well. Hopefuly I can get some programing advice as well from a adruino pro.

          HC_05 Bluetooth board (off of ebay for $10)
          Adruino Uno R3 (for the development then going with the mini pro once I have the program down)
          Samsung 7inch LCD with touchscreen monitor (another ebay gem $150 has a remote even. lol.)

          So with the samsung 7 inch it comes with a touchscreen that is 4 wire. Now I have been sifting through code and how to do this. How to link up the arduino with the bluetooth and how to use it as a mouse with a smart phone.

          The big part will be programing. First there is a 5 pushbutton libary with that will act as a mouse when you have it connected to the computer. Well we are going to do it with bluetooth as well so we need to take some code from another libary that lets you communicate to the "smartphone" over bluetooth and will see it as a mouse.

          I hope this is not so confusing. I learning and searching every day on how to program the arduino so that I can program the arduino.

          So its a matter of waiting for the board and tinkering with the arduino to get the mouse movements right and then put it all into the car. I will also be doing all wireless with the setup. Bluetooth to the speakers in the car, Bluetooth with the touchscreen, and all share with a PTV 3000 HDMI push to the Samsung LCD screen so really its just a matter of getting in the car and everything will be up on the 7 inch display.

          I would buy mimicsX2 but I know that I can build one that coast a fraction as much. I dont know how good it will be put with some help from the arduino forum it should be a polished gem. I will be updating this as soon as I get the arduino and tinker with it and I will contribute as much as I can to help others such as your self in wanting to have full integration into your car. By the way I have a 97 vert mustang GT this will be going into. With the Mach system.

          Wish me luck and have a great weekend.


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            I wish you luck, because I'll be making an attempt to work alongside you on this project.


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              Any updates?


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                Can we just use this one since it has bluetooth built in and also has all or most of the Bluetooth profiles as well.