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Radio tuner for pc? how to hook up speakers?

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  • Radio tuner for pc? how to hook up speakers?

    Okay so i want to do a car pc, but i need to know is there a way to hook up the antenna (or any antenna) to the pc for am/fm radio? also how do you guys go about hooking up the sound to the speakers?

    Theses are probably very stupid questions and have been asked before. i tried to use the search function but couldnt find the right keyword.

    also this may be in the wrong section?

    Thanks for any help
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    You can use the stock radio antenna in your car. I use visteon HD radio which plugs in to my stock antenna. As for audio, it has audio out from the radio to line in or mic in on your pc.
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      In the US, get yourself a Directed HD Radio Tuner DMHD1000I, Ebay, about $40. It includes a tuck away unit that hooks to your existing antenna. Make sure that if it's a powered antenna that you power it up without the factory radio. It has RCA cable out, you need an RCA to headphone cable. Then get Mitch's cable, and then you can control it from the PC. For sure, RoadRunner and Driveline are compatible, there may be more, but those two I have experience with. So all told, about $80 +shipping.


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        There are two ways to get the audio out to your car speakers.
        1. Hook up the audio out from the PC to an AUX input on your head unit. This is what I did.
        2. Hook up the audio out from the PC to the amp in your car.


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          Originally posted by ClockWorK View Post
          There are two ways to get the audio out to your car speakers.
          1. Hook up the audio out from the PC to an AUX input on your head unit. This is what I did.
          2. Hook up the audio out from the PC to the amp in your car.
          I was hoping to completely eliminate the need for a head unit that is why i asked about the radio and such...if i were to get the above suggested unit how would i go about hooking that up to the pc or amp while still haveing the pc hooked up to it?


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            You hook up the Visteon HD Radio to your PC's AUX input (easy), and then hook up the PC's Speaker Output to the amp (not as easy).

            I'm not a pro on amps. Depending on the amp, you'll probably have to do a little bit of wiring. Hopefully someone else will chime in with info about hooking up your PC audio output to the input on an amp.


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              Using another headphone to RCA cable you could go directly from the PC "speaker" output into an amp. If you want any other kind of control over the signal other than what is provided on your amp, there are options. What is your eventual goal in the system? 2 speakers? 4 speakers? Subwoofers? Component speakers?

              There are many threads on audio here, look in the audio section. For myself, I use 4 speakers (2 Front + 2 Rear) with subs. I have two amps, a 4 channel, and a two channel. I use the 4 channel for the front and rear speakers, and the two channel for the subs. To split the signal, I use a Clarion MCD360, that unit takes in either 2, 4, or 6 channels, and outputs either 2, 4, or 6 channels. It also gives you the ability to cut off certain frequencies from getting to certain speakers. For instance, you don't need the low bass frequencies going to a normal 2 way 6.5" speaker, it can't handle the frequency. So you can cut that from your regular speakers and use the sub. For the sub it lets you control the level, the frequency range and a "boost" at a certain frequency. It can give a little kick at a frequency, because car interiors are not that great for good sound. Lows tend to get hidden by road and engine noise. It also has a remote bass level, good for controlling the bass from the drivers seat. It does not however, give you an overall volume control, you'd have to strictly rely on the PC volume.

              I've used in the past, and still have a Clarion EQS746. That can be a nice unit. It has 2 channel in, and you can get 6 channel out (4+sub). It gives you a graphic equalizer, so you can control the levels of the certain frequencies. It also has an aux input, nice if you want to use an extra source, mp3 player, hd radio tuner, etc. The problem with the unit is that the graphic equalizer also affects the sub out. You cannot prevent the low frequencies from getting to your regular speakers without cutting the bass to the subs. You could always use an external capacitor to block the bass, but I'd rather do it before the amp, not right before the speaker. Some amps have some sort of high or low pass filter that could also be used. This one does have an overall volume control.

              Anyway, I found that the MCD360 better met my needs. Have a look at the audio section for more help. There's a whole world out there depending on how deep your pockets are and how much effort you're willing to put into your car.