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  • Case Question!

    I'm looking to build a Car PC.

    I have a pretty simple Idea for the pc itself.

    I found this ECS motherboard, $50.

    It is Miro-ATX

    I will then use a P4-2.4 GHz

    512 MB Ram, and a 40GB hard disk I have already.

    I will use the onbaord vga video for the 7" LCD that I will buy, and I will use the usb 2.0 ports for a DVD ROM (external) and GPS.


    My question is on the case and power supply. I would like the smallest case possible, I would like it to fit under my front seat but if that won't work I could mount it somewhere else and run the wires up.

    I would also like to know what I need to do about power.

    Is there a DC-DC (I would asumme taking a 12 volt line from the car) power supply unit that I could use?

    Or do I need to wire in an inverter to the 12 volt line then plug in a regular AC-DC PSU.

    Thanks all,

    I did read a lot today while at work.


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    Best solution for power
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      I'm having some trouble with my 2.4 P4. It's either heat or power, or maybe a combination of the two.

      I'm using the Opus 150W to power it. The 12V rail is pretty borderline just for the cpu. You throw in the HD and other drives, and you're walking a thin line.

      I've seen a P4 2.4 function just fine with the Opus. Even kris from Opus said it should be ok, worst case you may need to buy a P4 Aux connector/adapter.

      I've stripped down my system. Only the motherboard w/ onboard video, hard drive, and sound card remain. When booting, windows xp will occasionally auto restart. This cycle may repeat for a few times before finally getting to a windows desktop. Other times, it will boot flawlessly.

      The last 5 times I took the car out, the system booted flawlessly! Frustrating...hard to fix things that only occur sometimes. I hope the problem is fixed, but won't know until it starts acting up again.
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        if you have the option to underclock your CPU you should give it a shot.
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          just curious, since you are using the ECS board already, how come you didn't go with the ready built 'u-buddie' system?
          It's only $300 totally.