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  • New member in need of help

    Hi all,

    I have an intel DN2800MT, a Hauppage 2550, and a lilliput 669GL-70NP/C/T-HB that I would like to make into a carputer. I have a 500GB Samsung SSD and 4 gig of ram on the board currently. The SSD has windows 7 32 bit installed on it. The motherboard also has a wireless-N bluetooth 4 mini pci card in it. Both bluetooth and wifi are working just fine. My intention is to use HDMI for video to the display and use the spdif to a TOSlink into a DSP. I may try and get the LVDS display connection working from the motherboard to the display to eliminate the HDMI cable. I'm not sure how the touch screen would work then though. I'm going for SQ on the audio end hence not needing to upgrade the card by sending the raw audio to the TOSlink. I'm looking for help on what case and power supply.

    For the power supply, the board only needs 2 of the 4 prong power plug normally used for addon cards to operate. The motherboard and monitor are low power draw. I was looking at the pico-90, but I am not sure if it will be enough power for the board, TV tuner card, and monitor. The board is 7 watts, and the monitor is also a low wattage, and SSD drives are low wattage as well. I do not know how much the TV card will draw. I figured the 90 would be enough but I would appreciate input if others have tried and found it not to be. Also will I need something to eliminate engine noise?

    I was looking at the BBX-1 case. It's the only mini-ITX available in the store. When looking from the back of the motherboard the pci-e expansion slot is on the right hand side. The TV tuner card is a half height card intentionally bought for this purpose. Looking at the back of the case I do not see where the card slot would be as on a traditional case. I'm fine with drilling out holes that are sized to fit the card on the back of the case. My concern here is the fan being so close. Has anyone tried this board in this case? Are there any other case available that I missed?

    Again any help would be appreciated. Suggestion are welcome.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I think you will be disappointed with tv reception in a car enviroment, better solution is a slingbox and 3g internet in your car. Only my opinion from past experience. Good luck and welcome to the forum! SNO


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      avoid tv in car.. waste of time. download movies and watch it that way..
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        If you can drive the LDVS screen directly from your motherboard this would be a nice setup. In the vehicle it will be hard to see the difference between a VGA, HDMI or LDVS display. You should be fine with HDMI unless there is some weird reason you feel you HAVE to go LDVS.

        With either touch screen the connection to your PC will still be USB. With an ARM board they may use a USB or SERIAL (also called UART) port.
        HDMI with a quality cable will be hard to beat. You may find that an LDVS display requires a special cable and may be hard to shield it. An unshielded video cable could induce noise into your audio and severely limit your radio range depending on the cable and length of cable used.

        As to the power supply, the one you mentioned will not work for you. You need a DC-DC supply. NOT an ATX type supply. Of the ones available in this store you need something more like this one:

        None of the cases that are on this system will easily allow you to add a PCIe expansion board in the normal place.
        You can do it with this case which I do not see listed from mp3car:
        Note that with this mentioned case you will also need one of these cables to make it work:

        I have purchased items from both this system and the above site in the mentioned links and have had great connections with both. I prefer to buy from this site first support the site but if I can't find it here seems to have just about everything. And he also stopped me when I was about to purchase a PICO supply for mine and mentioned that it wasn't intended for in car use and asked me what I wanted to use it for and he got me onto the right power supply.

        As to the TV tuner two issues....
        TV is now digital in the US and sucks to try to get reception. You either have it or you don't. You will NOT be happy with in care use because it will cut in and out.. Mostly out. (Although it is funny that in my home I can only get two channels and both are religious fanatic channels...)
        The other issue is that it is illegal for you to actually use a TV in view of the driver while the car is not parked. You can get into A LOT of trouble doing so. This also goes for video and other distractions on your screen.


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          I have the same motherboard, and used Derrick's 7" Samsung HDMI screen with D-Din case. For power I am getting away with the 96W Intelligent DC-DC Converter with USB Interface to power the computer and screen without issue. It is only $60 and has lots of options. I have mine set with jumpers 2 and 7 for automotive ignition aware 5 second off delay and 60 second hard off. There is another DC-DC converter that does 140W for 5 bucks more.


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            Thanks for all the info.

            FYI, I have already tried the tv tuner while in the passenger seat of a friends car running the setup off a power inverter. I had no problems at all. The main reason why I am adding the tv tuner card is for the AM/FM reception it also gives me. If there is a way to get that without a card please let me know.

            I would prefer to have everything reside inside a double din case so the riser card slot case is out. However the cabled extension that redheadedrod mentioned would let me move the card slot. Thanks redheadedrod. PS: My Pioneer DVD/NAV unit I have now reminds me once each time I power it up that watching it is illegal. I always play movies I never have to watch due to having seen them so often I can quote the entire movie. Boondock Saints, Blazing Saddles, etc. The TV would be for listening to the news. :-)

            So the dc-dc converter is all I should need then for powering it. Thanks rray. Did you use the power port on back or the two pin molex connection on board?


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              You can get am/fm using a directed/visteon HD unit. you can find them pretty cheap on ebay or new a mo-co-so or search classifieds on here. You can take out of housing and put in that DD case like rray did. SNO


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                Originally posted by Evicmar View Post
                Did you use the power port on back or the two pin molex connection on board?
                I used the 2 pin plug. I cut a 4 pin plug from an old PC power supply, then cut it in half with an exacto razor knive, to get the correct pin connection.

                I was afraid the barrell connection might vibrate itself out after being installed in the dash.