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I screwed up, Please help!

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  • I screwed up, Please help!

    Hey whats up everyone, so I cracked my touchscreen a while back and finally decided to have it fixed. I was 99% sure I had a 7" screen so I ordered a Lilliput 669GL-70NP/C/T 7" w/HDMI. I had a shop completely remove my dash and remove my old screen, I opened the new Lilliput out of the case only to realize my broken screen was actually a hitachi tx20d16vm2baa 8" touchscreen and the new one will just not look right with my current ddkit.

    So now I am trying to find a replacement that will cause the least amount of issues (the way my DDkkit was from end to end and top to bottom was all screen perfect fit, no boarders. I am looking at other 8" screens and the sizing does not seem to match

    hitachi tx20d16vm2baa
    Display Area Height: 104.4mm
    Display Area Width: 174mm

    Lilliput 869GL-80NP/C/T-HB 8"
    Viewable area is 176.64(W) X 99.36(H) mm.

    I tried to find a replacement hitachi tx20d16vm2baa and only thing that comes up are older websites from China, none in the USA

    Does anyone have any advice, suggestions? My car is still currently at the shop with my dash ripped out
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      go to arrow electronics and you can get a multitouch capacitive for 68 bucks that will fit your screen size, just need to make a new bezel to accommodate. Hope this helps, its what I had to do when I cracked the digitizer chip on my 10.1 Lilliput and I love it compared to the resistive one I had
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        david69leonard thanks for the reply, i sent you pm as well.