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Using iPad Dock as "Head Unit"?

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  • Using iPad Dock as "Head Unit"?

    I had a little iphone dock laying around. I took it apart and started looking it over and.. wouldn't this be an easy way to eliminate the head unit and use as the sound processor? What would be the bad part? The dock has a power button, volume control, play, pause, skip, next, back buttons, iphone Dock for sound processing and charging, and Left - +, Right - + for the speakers. Lets say I found the right dock with 4 speakers, could I run a line out converter to an amp, then to speakers? The volume control uses the ipad/iphone volume.. So couldn't I just add a remote level controller: for volume control? This seems completely obvious that something has to be bad

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    So the dock I was using didn't charge iPads So I went and got a different one. It has a lot of cool little features and handles the same power as an aftermarket head unit.. If I screw up the board or burn it out, i'll probably give up on this


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      Success!!! Extracted all the necessary from the original system. Has Bluetooth, 30 band EQ & fader app, volume, play, pause, next, back, source buttons, aux hookup, and even a litlte wireless remote. I have a dash kit, hard ipad case backing, 4 channel amp, line out converter, and all the wiring coming in next week sometime. For now i'm going to clean up the dock wiring and make a tiny container for the hardware and figure out how to convert the charger.. any suggestions?

      I'll get it all installed and then see what kind of noise i'm getting. The Dock has separate channel for a subwoofer input, but I don't really care about heavy bass anymore.. just an invitation for a thief
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