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  • CarPC Power supply questions

    so, my carpc is pretty much maxing out the m4-atx 250watt power supply. I know its the 1gb gddr5 radeon 6670 twin frozer video card, and I have made sacrifices to be able to run this. I have limited cpu selections to 45watt tdp, I got a 65watt cpu cooler with the lowest draw I could find, setup custom fan map in bios keeping fan off except under heavy load, and placed carpc where a/c floor vents blow on it so it needs no other fan, and I do not run a mechanical hard drive. I have also disabled integrated radeon hd4200 graphics, ide controller, floppy controller and everything else in bios I am not using in this build.

    my questions are does anybody know of a 300+ watt intelligent dc-dc power supply? or does anybody know if 2 m4-atx 250watt power supplies can work in parallel?
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    Check the classifieds, WuNgUn has an opus 360 for sale at a very good price. that should help you out with power. SNO
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