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Need Some Advise on a this Board Please: Asus P7H55-M LE

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  • Need Some Advise on a this Board Please: Asus P7H55-M LE

    I'm a laptop guy in my build so this ATX stuff is new to me... This is for my brother's proposed build.

    Here's the spec's:

    uATX Form Factor
    9.6 inch x 8.6 inch ( 24.4 cm x 22.9 cm )
    Recommended PS-300W

    Will an M4 power this board? (I think he said he is running a I5 on it)
    Will it fit in the Standard VOOM case?
    Will it fit with a CPU fan & if not, can it be run with just a heat sink assuming it will fit with just a heat sink?

    Would this older PC below perform well used mainly for SAT radio and FLAC music if the above does not work out?

    Motherboard : Zotac Gf9300-K-E
    Box : Mini-Box VOOM
    CPU : Intel Core 2 Duo LGA775
    Ram : 2GB

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    that does depend on wich i5 proc he will be using , they do vary in power consumption quite a bit, and with the processor choice you will have depending on type , possibly different sized fans
    I am an amd guy , seen that with my pc's , I assume its the same deal with intel stuff

    after a quick google on the lower pc specs , I think it will do , be on the lower powered end but I think it may run just fine epending on os, frontend etc
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      That board will not fit in that voom case. That mainboard is a full size home PC and will draw more power than it's mini-itx brother. The M4 should have enough power but it might be closer to the higher end of it's limits. If you already have that older setup inside that case, I would go for that one. Just my 2 cents SNO


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        Thanks guys, I'll let him know we should probably find something else.
        My 2007 Ford F350 Work Log located HERE