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    So I had the idea of wiring my old mini system to my alarm clock to use the minisystem's cd player and the alarm clock's timed radio. I used input wires from tape player and connected them to the speaker output the alarm clock.
    All works well listening to a walkman through the new connections, but when I try the alarm clock there is a terrible HUMMMMM and distorted sound. Is the because the signal is amplified twice (through the clock then minisystem)? Is thier any simple way to fix this?

    Sorry this is OT but I thought that some one here would know.
    Thanks Machs_FueL
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    I don't know how it would sound but you could try using a 'line output converter' on the leads from the alarm clock speaker to take it down to a line level signal. You can go to a car audio shop and pick one up for as little as ten bucks...heck i think wal-mart even sells them.