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Front Panel out to RCA question

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  • Front Panel out to RCA question

    Got a quick question I recently got a Mo-Co-So Black box case and it has the RCA jacks on the back for audio but how do I go about plugging those in to the front panel header and get the PC to think they are plugged in. Each one is red/black 2 pin cable just not sure on the correct spots to hook them up.

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    This is the standard header config:

    This is what they do for front panel headphone jack and mic detection:

    So looking at the diagram, default is use the FP audio header pin 5 for right and 9 for left and 2 for both RCA grounds and don't use the rear audio out jack.


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      So can I just plug the pins directly onto the header or will i need other things as well like resistors, not so great at reading the schematic other than pin 5 and 9 and ground for both on 2


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        Yes, just plug in the header. The extra circuitry is just to disable the rear line out if it detects headphones plugged in the front panel jack. You don't care about that, just want line out to your amps.


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          Hmmm well maybe that is why its not auto switching, I had them plugged into the header but its not changing from the back ports to the front panel.


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            Yeah, when front panel is plugged into a 3.5mm will disable the other. It's designed so you can sneak porn at night and plug in your headphones, then your speakers don't bellow out "Ohhh, Ahhh, Don't Stop!" to your sleeping wife.