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Advise on Tablet (N7) install. Full plan with pics!

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  • Advise on Tablet (N7) install. Full plan with pics!

    The goal of my install is to have an oem looking install and be able to take my N7 out easily. I have read a ton of 2012 N7 installs and have compiled a lot of information for my 2013 install. I feel pretty good about my install but would like to get a few more things clarified before I start ordering all of the parts. I will link a worklog once things get rolling. I’ll outline the entire plan in case any sections are codependent. The install is for a 2013 WRX.

    TL;DR at bottom of post

    My N7 is currently running the latest Cyanogenmod nightly update. I have been using it to run my Odac-> Hot Audio Amp and the USB audio sounds great. I am watching the progress of the ElementalX kernel because they have already enabled OTG+charging. The developer seems open to incorporating more of the desired features ( ATM, the kernel is not compatible with CM so I’d need to look into a new rom if I went that route.
    Tasker will obviously be huge and I plan to use NFC tags to help automate the transition to and from car use.

    Power Supply:
    This is one of the areas I am most unsure about. I have read really positive things about the mini-box DCDC-usb based on the specs on the site (, it can supply plenty of amps to power the hub and devices (Joycon, SSHD, DAC, Qi charger, HD radio). Can I use both the USB and ATX outputs simultaneously? I would like to run an atx->molex adapter to power a usb hub and then use the USB output to charge the tablet (through Qi at first but eventually through an OTG Y cable).

    Charging the tablet:
    Until the software can catch up to my needs, I plan to use a wireless Qi charger. I’m leaning towards the Nokia DT-900 because it is fairly compact I found a usb powered Qi charger on ebay ( I’ve been trying to find info on charge rates to see if this is a viable solution. Any help here? Also, can the DT-900 be powered via USB? Should I tap a fuse?

    The WRX has an irregularly wide (8”) factory stereo. I have ordered the dash trim with a standard 7” double din opening. It should be here soon and I’ll post pics asap. Here is a stock image:
    Click image for larger version

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    Because I want the tablet to be easily removable, I plan to use fabric to make a pouch to slip in the tablet and support it from the bottom. It will go up approximately half the tablet and will end just under the USB plug. I want to have a second pouch sewn on the back to hold the DT-900. To hold the top of the tablet flush with the trim, I plan to create a V shaped strap with a snap button that will come down from above the tablet and snap onto the back of the pouch. Like an over the shoulder harness on a roller coaster. I’ll use hot glue until I have something that works well and then will likely use JB Weld (though I'm open to suggestions). I hope this helps clarify the design--sorry about the pics but since my phone and tablet are in them, I had to use my computer webcam.
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    I cannot find the thread where I saw this but I plan to cut off the clips on the trim piece and use strong magnets in their place. This would require using some kind of bondo or epoxy to hold the magnets on both the trim and car side. For now I will keep a plastic dash tool in the glovebox. It is an easy piece to pry off so until I can finish this part of the design, it will have to do.

    Audio/HD Radio:
    Like most of the existing builds, I plan to use a Behringer UCA 202. I don’t see many issues here for playing stored music but I am a little unsure about the HD radio setup. I read the Jeep install ( and downloaded the appropriate radio app incase the link expires or something. My question is how the audio is incorporated into the system. I know it will use the RCA inputs on the Behringer but after reading the manual, I cannot tell if I need to switch inputs on the DAC. If so, how will I do this without removing the whole build? If not, will audio constantly be playing? I know the tablet functions as an “interface” so I am hoping the hd radio will stay off until it is activated by the app. Can you help clarify how this works? Also, can I power the Directed Radio off the 4 pin connector on the DCDC-USB?
    I plan to then run audio to a Clarion EQS746. I am talking to a buddy of mine to see if he can solder on an external volume knob that I can mount somewhere (hopefully on the trim piece
    under the tablet, in between the air vents). I would prefer to control volume with the clarion than from the tablet. It will be mounted behind the tablet. I haven’t chosen an amp but from this point, it is more or less a normal stereo install.

    BT Calling:
    I read this thread ( and will be copying the stereo bluetooth receiver idea. I will run a 1/8” to rca cable into y splitters that feed into the main channels. Tablet talk will manage audio when calls are incoming. I may play around with clipping the battery out and running it solely on the USB cable as is suggested in the linked thread.

    Steering Wheel Controls:
    Joycon seems like the best solution. Since I want to control volume from the clarion I will probably assign different functions to the volume keys.

    Extra Stuff
    For when OTG+charge is developed with USB DAC support, I found this usb hub ( that can be powered with the 4-pin atx (with a molex adapter)

    TL; DR
    1. Can I use both the USB and ATX outputs on a DCDC-USB simultaneously?
    2. Can the mini-box DCDC-USB power everything via a single usb hub?
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