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Best <2 year Newish car for some custom CarPC stuff AKA new car opinions

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  • Best <2 year Newish car for some custom CarPC stuff AKA new car opinions

    I use to be on here a lot several years ago and i had put a xenarc and a mini-itx in my old passat. it was cool, awesome and i loved it, until the mono died, then i never replaced it.

    I loved all the excellent insight from this community and it helped alot, thank you. Im now at a point were my passat is 13 year old VW Passat is wrecked and need a new car. Im wondering if anyone here has any opinions, thoughts, etc to current new cars, probably hybrid, as well as if its A) worth it to mod one of these newer tech filled cars B) possible or C) if anyone has done it/tried it.

    I am considering mostly hybrids cause it makes sense for me and my commute(mostly non highway, some stop and go) and can buy a good 2013 or 2014 one for between 20,000 and 35,000. Im in the north east soo good traction/handling/stopping are key in the winter months. I want to get things like these accident avoidance features, parking assist, stuff like that. But one of th things i always wanted which i saw in a CarPC build was front and back night vision cameras that someone put in and im stunned no other mid price decent car has this yet.

    If anyone has any thoughts or input on the cars alone and/or if they think they have a good case for hybrid vs non-hybrid and/or carpc integration or testing with these new fangled tech cars that are full of tech features, please feel free to chime in.

    Thank you gain my fellow CarPC enthusiasts.

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    I assume you're looking for a midsize sedan??


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      Originally posted by alawadhi3000 View Post
      I assume you're looking for a midsize sedan??
      Sedan or a crossover. Im tempted by the recent ford cmax or cmax energy, the chevy volt and the prius V. If i can get awd in a hybrid and its a good hybrid I would love that but its looking like a no. I live in new england and AWD save my *** countless times in our winters here.


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        I'm not sure if there are any hybrid AWD car out there, AWD lose much more power than FWD or RWD because of the more moving parts involved which kills one of the main principles of a hybrid car. Probably you have to decide between a Hybrid or an AWD car first.