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First build, looking to do an android/linux system

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  • First build, looking to do an android/linux system

    Hello all, Long time lurkerr.

    Looking to start the research process for my first build. The system will replace the factory head unit in my 2012 Subaru WRX.

    I have room for a double DIN install. Which brings to me this : "2DIN IN DASH 7" Samsung HDMI Touch Screen Monitor" from ebay. I first started reading these forums when the housing/bezel for that monitor was being developed in house by a forum member. Anyone have a link to where they are currently sold?

    I have so many questions to ask, but I shall start small. More to come but this is a good place to stop for tonight.

    thank you all.


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    Here is the ebay item number 121002166617 Good luck SNO


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      Have been doing a far amount of research since my last post and have come across some interesting projects i might want to emulate.

      This build here is a 2008 WRX STI, the face plate around the stereo looks identical to me but i cant be sure. Either way this tablet idea sparked my interest. it has its own set of issues ,but with a first gen nexus 7 popping up on slickdeals today for 78 dollars the price seems right.

      For 80 dollars I get a touch screen and a system to run android. It is another idea to play with. Becuase the price tag on the ebay item number 121002166617 of 140 dollars + a system to run android/linux is a bit more then i was planning.


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        Does anyone know of an Rpi alternative with android 4.0 support? The PI is unfortunatly to underpowered for what i want to do. I am looking for something that doesnt break the bank, considering the PI is only 35 dollars.

        I have looked into the Beagleback, seems like it MAY work but it too may be underpowered for my app

        Reasenvly stumbled upon the Pandaboard, but with an almost 200 dollar price tag without a screen it seems like a major investment, espectiallyt with all in one tablets going for under a 100 dollars referbed
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