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  • All webcam users.

    I'm looking at including a webcam setup now.
    1/ I'm trying to find the smallest usb camera available that preferably takes good night/low light vid.
    2/ I'm interested in seeing how you guys have your cams mounted(pics please). I want mine as inconspicuous as possible. Thinking of putting it in front of the rear view mirror slightly below the black line of the windshield. But then it's a matter of how it's mounted.
    3/ how is the shakiness of the video? I guess this would be related to how it's mounted.

    Please share.

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    maybe a notebook on display integrated webcam?
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      1: almost mutually exclusive. Low light performance is a function of aperture and lens speed. Both of those things are very limited in all usb webcams, and the smaller the camera, the poorer the performance. Ive used a variety of Logitech cameras over the years with acceptable results. C910 and C920 are pretty good models.


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        + 1 to what VegasGuy said, although I've used both Logitech and Microsoft. There is no shakiness with any half decent mounting arrangement. For night recording best results (really good in fact) were obtained by manually setting the exposure. Daytime is best with auto exposure enabled. Apart from demanding CPU usage and disk space (especially in Hi-Def modes) the quality is superb.
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          Thanks. I looked into those to Logitech cameras, two things. 1/ I don't think I'll be recording HD 1080 because of processing power concerns and space, 2/ the mics make it unnecessarily big. How about some pics of the mounting, and particulars bought to mount please. I was thinking of mounting it on the stem that holds the rear view mirror.

          I was looking at the Microsoft lifecam cinema and 6000, any thoughts on these? ...I think I prefer the 6000 just because of the size.