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M2-ATX and new intell 1150 mainboards

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  • M2-ATX and new intell 1150 mainboards

    Does anyone know for sure if the m2-ATX power supply will work with the newer intel socket 1150 mainboards? The reason I ask is that they have moved away from the P4 connector on the board, and are now using an 8pin power connector. The M2-ATX only has a P4 output. I know the M2-ATX's 20 pin connector will work in the 24 pin connector, just not so sure about that 8 pin connector. Thanks!

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    The 8 pin connector is the same as the P4 connector with 4 more pins. This is the CPU power adapter.

    I have a M3-ATX which has the 20 pin connector, a SATA power connector and an older style 4 pin HD connector.
    You can buy adapters to go from the 4 pin connector to the 4/8 pin connectors.

    I bought an 8pin to 8pin extension cable and took a 4 pin Y cable I had and combined the two. The 4 pin adapter has 2 grounds(black), 1 +5 (red) and 1 +12(yellow). The 8 pin connector has 4 +12 (yellow) and 4 ground(black). My manual says not hooking up the connector can cause the CPU to work erratically. If you are using a low power CPU and your power supply supplies a P4 you SHOULD be able to get by with just the 4 pin connector. It will only fit on your board in one way. Check your manual. My motherboard talked about 4 pins supported something like 65watt and lower CPU's and for higher you need the 8 pin connector.

    So just check out what your manual actually states about it. When all else fails it doesn't hurt to provide all 8. I also bought a 20-24 pin converter to allow me to use all 24 pins but I haven't tried to use it. My CPU is a 55watt I3 processor.


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      Originally posted by redheadedrod View Post
      The 8 pin connector is the same as the P4 connector with 4 more pins. This is the CPU power adapter.
      Thanks. I was able to verify with the mainboard manual that it would take the p4 using only half of the 8 pins. This is the maximus VI impact. The tdp on my processer is 55w, so it's good to go.