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FM & XM in Windows 8 from metro interface. . .???

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  • FM & XM in Windows 8 from metro interface. . .???

    I've searched and searched and either can't find or don't fully understand the answer to my question......

    Looking at a carPC and prefer to use stock Windows 8 as the front end, but I must have FM and XM radio.

    Is there any software/apps available that would control the tuners?

    I prefer to stay away from centrafuse, etc. . . Just want the stock windows 8.

    I did find this regarding FM --->>


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    You could run SATAMP for the Sat radio. How intuitive and the ease of pushing all of the different buttons is subjective but it does work in win 8. I always keep it installed as a backup in case I have F/E issues when away from home for a few days at a time.
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      You can use satamp for both your HD/FM and your XM. Both radio's are supported in Driveline which is a free front-end and it also works well with Win8. SNO and congrats on your first post! What took you so long? Good luck SNO