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    So i have just recieved the computer i want to use in the car.
    its a mini pc atom 1.67Ghz processor. Intel ICH8M chipset
    Built in dual gigabit lan. 1 x internal mini pcie slot. Rich io expansions from front to back.
    4 usb front. 4 usb rear. 6 com serial connections Vga output.60gb ssd hadd.

    power wise it has a plug for a direct 12v feed in. and then a power button. i want to alter this (as cheap as poss) so that it comes on and shuts down with the cars power.

    so my questions are about powering it.. picture 2 shows the plug on the left.

    also is their anything i can put any of the com ports to use with? what could they be used for?

    and last 2 pictures show a slot on the inside of the system. what would that be used for?

    any help would be apriciated
    thank you

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    Nice little box you have there. I love com ports! Much more reliable than usb. I have my obd2, XM, HDradio, GPS, Brainstem for my DSATX power supply and I use one port for programming modems on the road for my Fleet Tracking business. For power you could just get a dc-dc-usb power supply from the MP3Car store pretty cheap that will give you some automatic control over startup and shutdown and will give you the 12v regulated power that box will need. Good luck and make a worklog so others can see your progress SNO


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      i have a 12 power lead (cig lighter one). the dc-dc-usb power supply, what is it? is that something like the m2 atx or completely different? i did a search for dc-dc-usb power supply but didnt have anything jumping out at me saying thats what you ment?


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        Here is the link SNO


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          If you use the intellegent DC-DC Converter, it provides filtered 12V (not the 11 to 15 volt range a car can put out, ann most importantly, it will turn on and off your PC for you. You will have to run a 2 pin connector inside your PC to connect to the motherboards front panel header to make your PC come on and off automatically.


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            perfect. cheers for that.