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How to hook Bare rear view camera to computer.

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  • How to hook Bare rear view camera to computer.

    I see a few people using standard rear view cameras and viewing them on their computers and I wonder what they are using to do this?

    The backup camera I have has a 12volt in and a standard composite video out and that is it. What are people using to feed this into their computer? Are there USB based video inputs that people are using?

    This camera I have is pretty wide and has IR LED's on it. It is way too big for where I want to use it so I may just mount it in the grill for a night vision camera. But I would like to feed it into a computer instead of just to a screen.

    Or is there a rear view camera with a USB connection to go directly to the computer?


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    I use a usb dongle to get video in from composite camera's. Actually I have 2. 1 is roxio vhs converter it has audio left and right and 1 video input, the other I use is a chinese 4 inputs to usb dongle sold under various names. Both work fine in Driveline but the 4 in 1 only shows the dominant camera not 4. I did have the 4 camera window app working under Driveline as well. Front camera I use M$ Lifecam HD. SNO


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      I got real boared one day mounted and wired a rear veiw cam to the front of my ute...little did i realize that the image would be!
      A joycon exp will auto switch to a usb or usb composite camera with a bit of power on the D connector.
      You rocking that big screen yet?


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        So looks like I need to start looking for USB adapters.

        Not yet Camo. I finish up finals on Wed then I will have some time. I may get another center console to play around with to get the computer lined up right. At this time I am only looking to use 10" screens but I haven't had the time with my classes to do much. I am off for almost a month after the final so I should have some time. I am trying to get the speakers and amps build into the back wall of my truck first.

        If I get the rear wall setup I will have a much easier time getting the computer into the center console.