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Adapter to change USB from iPxd to Android

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  • Adapter to change USB from iPxd to Android

    Ok so i purchased a 2013 GMC Sierra in March. Well it is the stock radio that only has the front audio jack.

    However the truck has a usb port where one of the cigarette (oops accessory power :P) jack is.
    When my wife plugs her iphone in to charge the radio switches to it and I can control it from my steering wheel controls.
    I plugin my android and get a "Device Unsupported" on the radio screen.

    has anyone out there made a converter plug that goes from usb for apple to usb for android?
    it is the cig lighter on the right...

    also I thought about trying to find a small powered usb hub that i can fit in that hole there.. dont use it... got any ideas???

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    The problem isn't solvable with a simple cable. It is a software issue built into your trucks radio.

    You will need to find out what devices it supports fully. It looks like it probably just supports iOS but you might find an Android compatible app that will let it work with your truck. I would guess it works to charge your device regardless if it is recognized or not.

    You might be better off asking on a GM truck web site about this than here because there will be many more people trying to do the same thing.


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      Thanks! yes I have it on a truck site too... happy holidays!!!

      i saw on ebay they have a android tablet style radio... could just do that!

      my main reasoning for this is I had a powered windshield mount for my galaxy s2 and used the power to cig jack on left and audio through jack....
      but now im on a note 3 and no powered mount.. and dont fell like plugging in all the cables..

      and yes you are correct.. the usb will charge my phone....


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        I just got a note 3 myself. Taking advantage of the Bestbuy/Sprint student deal where you buy a phone at full price and Sprint gives a full year of service for free. (Unlimited text/calls and 1gig data. Doesn't include taxes in the free deal and you have to pay the $36 registration.)

        I added the $10 unlimited data plan to mine and will also add insurance too.

        As to the rest... Does your radio accept bluetooth? Also the note 3 can hook to a micro USB port as well. The port on it is a USB 3 but it is compatible with the other USB ports so I wouldn't be surprised if it does work like the old one does. You could also get a wireless charger. They should be available in a car mount by now I would imagine. I have a FM modulator type connection that will work with either bluetooth or audio cable.


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          Android often lists itself as a mtp deviceIf but you can set your android to mass storage mode it should work...but you need the music folders set out on the root when you plug it into a computer its lists like.....E/music/metalica/an justice for all ....this might work or it might have to be
          E/metalica/an justice for all....but its needs to be in mass storage mode first... total pita!
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