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MJS HD Radio Cable Up In Smoke!

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  • MJS HD Radio Cable Up In Smoke!


    I just got my directed hd radio along with my mjs hd radio cable. I used the hd radio with the standard controller and everything seemed to work fine.(without mjs cable)

    Once I plugged in the mjs cable to the hd radio, applied +12 and ground to the hdradio and plugged the other end of the mjs cable into my computer i noticed a strange smell. A few seconds after the smell was getting worse and worse so i felt the usb cable and it was very hot. I immediately unplugged the mjs cable. Once I did this I then saw a thin puff of smoke come out of the hd radio.

    What did I do wrong here? (both units were brand new)

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    cant tell ya, but posting here prob wont get ya fixed :0
    best bet would be to contact me directly
    via my web site

    I can tell you that I see the diode in the power supply section of the HD radio is fried

    at this point, you need to contact me, and package everything up and ship

    even a PM to me here would work...

    lucky that I even saw this post...

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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      I agree with mitchjs!

      It sounds like a classic non-grounded computer or similar problem but mitchjs should be able to confirm that if you follow his suggestions.


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        Thanks. I am just wondering what I did wrong so I dont do it again.
        Computer is grounded and has been working for 1 1/2 years now.

        I bought it on amazon and it is already on its way back.


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          Understood. And obviously (IMHO) a worthwhile aim.
          And it may be some unit fault tho in some ways I doubt that - it would usually require an internal +12V to grounded output short and that should be a rare manufacturing occurrence else a component chip failure. The latter is unlikely too but poo happens. And it is most likely to occur with age (breakdown) else when new (the old reliability J-curve), but straight out of the box is usually caught by testing - not that testing for quality is required with modern manufacturing that use Demmings and other quality processes like 6-sigma etc - ie, continuous improvement circles eliminate manufacturing input and process faults, hence you know the output product works else is not worth testing. (If 6-sigma is achieved, then it's cheaper replacing the unit (and maybe entire blown system - ie, the customer's other damage) than having tested the other ok 6 million units.)

          Sorry, I digressed.
          As I say, poo happens. But hence the requirement to give the manufacturer a chance to fix it etc.
          And maybe a diode fries because it is damaged and the extra new load (even if a mere 10mA etc) is enough to cause failure. [ And then a 50% chance of open circuit (no damage but no operation) and 50% chance of short-circuit failure mode - tho that's based on reliabilities as at ~30 years ago - maybe they are now biased towards open-circuit failure. Heavy overloads generally blow diodes open (as with most components, except caps which usually short. ]

          Ok, and I kept rambling...
          But grounds are usually the reason for interconnection damage tho usually internal components fry well before that.
          But of course your stuff has been working so you must have grounds and why should they suddenly break? (Ahh - must be that extra 10mA LOL!)

          Anyhow, let us know what the problem turns out to be...
          Of if the replacement unit works (& no explanations).

          Best wishes.


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            I got another cable in the mail yesterday. Hooked everything up and it works perfectly! Thanks everyone