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Ipad, Android or Windows 8 Tablet or double din for car

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  • Ipad, Android or Windows 8 Tablet or double din for car

    In the process of interior modifications for an old car and trying to decide which one.

    I am wanting a system that has 128GB or more storage, great audio output for mp3's, easy controllability for music while driving, tuning apps (so far only on PC), cool gauges and other fun things via apps. I am installing good speakers, subs, amps components... etc. I am a PC person, personally never liked mac/ipad but if its the best way to go I would consider one. The main criteria is mp3 storage, easily control mp3 player while driving and audio quality. The device will be removable when vehicle is parked.

    Or should I stick with a double din head unit with external HD? Car currently has no stereo

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    You can get a CarPC from and then get a Bluetooth control to control the stereo. I have a PC from them but I also have an alpine head unit for stereo control and a Bluetooth remote/keyboard for music control (next song, pause, play etc.)

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