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Why was the thread locked

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  • Why was the thread locked

    Grounding Kit in cars, I had another question and I don't see what could have prompted it to be locked.

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    duplicate threads
    View my worklog here


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      Where? I'm quite sure the content is not the same. And you do realize how many duplicate threads are on this forum that are not as beneficial. I'm sure I can do a search and find 20 threads with the exact same title unlocked.


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        Pity there's no answer.

        I still reckon it's because even discussion of such %$^$#!@!! ridiculous implementations is so way below the dignity of this forum. (That's a compliment to the standard of mp3car ....else a real put down to at least one thread on another forum.)

        I can't see the duplicate thread - IMO it was far more unique than so than many other threads.

        Let's close this here, but let it be an example of how some can go off on their merry way and make or spend money being convinced of something which others know to be so ridiculous (and often self contradictory).
        It's another case of where they will probably never understand what we know, and never know what amusement we get at their expense.
        (FTR: I do my bit to counter that but may limit my efforts and I no longer join forums to do that.)


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          Thanks for the help you provided.