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Does smart EQ exist?

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  • Does smart EQ exist?

    What I mean by smart EQ, is either a software or hardware that will save EQ presets per song? I listen to a lot of different music, and it would be nice if I didn't have to adjust EQ settings every time a new song plays.

    .....that's the dream that I'm guessing has no reality yet.

    I hope what does exist is a good EQ with stored presets that can be selected with the push of a button. I would gladly take some suggestions for this considering option #1 probably does not exist.

    BTW, this will be for a 2013 honda fit. I would love to put something like a Nexus 7 in the dash, especially if it's removable so that when the car is parked it doesn't look very appealing to thieves.

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    Yes,.... there's that function for Winamp though, can be used in FE of choice that supports Winamp.

    And to be honest, this is a time consuming task to say the least if you have sh#t load of mp3s.

    For android?,......... hmm, not sure.

    Good luck.


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      Driveline uses the built-in windows media player which has a good EQ and presets. Good luck SNO


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        That's a good point. I think a simpler EQ preset system would be much better now that I think about it that way.

        So, here's the next question:

        Is there a popular solution for having saved EQ presets than be quickly recalled? I remember looking at this unit a long time ago

        In my last system I used a Clarion EQS746 hooked up to an ipod. It sounded great, but I had to constantly adjust knobs for different types of music.


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          i would very much like that as well.. i use Windows Media player, so i guess it would had to be an external program that co-oparates with the audio card... :/


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            Surely there is an auto sampling & adjusting system? (That's an old concept and design!)
            And it should have (optional) external sampling - ie, microphone(s). (Let's ignore microphonic sampling from the speakers.)

            I have read of Alpine & others with self adjusting EQ functions, but maybe that is for the environment as opposed to varying for each track etc. But it's the same principle - the source or microphone is sampled and a DSP makes the adjustments and stores that for that track.
            I see issues - like the need to sample the entire track to obtain a single setting, but that's easy if merely source based and can be done in seconds per track. But microphonic sampling - people and open window compensation...
            And the programming (algorithms) to recognise an uncharacteristically frequency biased track, but I'd expect listener adjustments to exist. (IMO voice controlled, else hand motion detecting. Nah - scrap the latter - the authorities are sure to object. They'll object to voice control too eventually.... LOL!)


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              Originally posted by enthewhite View Post
              Is there a popular solution for having saved EQ presets than be quickly recalled?
              GOOD QUESTION... there is a utility called MP3gain that will set the gain level up or down so all your music has the same volume level. Over the course of a few years I processed all my MP3 file this way.

              Next was EQ settings... I started by processing my favorite songs with Audacity, but never finished them all, however I process all new music as I go with Audacity and I get 500 x 500 pixel album art too.

              Then I got a clue... I got a DSP. I chose the JBL MS-8 and feed it with a USB DAC. I never tweek EQ settings, Faders settings, or anything, except volume control. It does time alignment, and builds a soundstage that sounds awesome. It's the best audio investment I ever made.