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  • Button release?

    Sorry, I don't know the proper name for it. I'm looking for a tiny switch/button that will activate when there is no pressure on it. So when I open a cubby, the pressure on the button is released and the light inside turns on.

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    You need a normally closed switch. The circuit is open when it is pressed but closed when not pressed.

    Real simple.


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      I would think you want a normally closed push button when the cubby door is closed it is pushing on the switch, when open it will release the switch and turn on the light. Good luck SNO


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        Go old school. Mercury switch.

        (no, not really.)


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          What's wrong with going with a mercury switch. I thought about that for a second already but decided not to because of the shape and location of the switch being affected by constant vibration. It would just be going on and off all the time. The normally closed push buttons are all too big.


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            I use these they are small and you can buy in a normally open as well and lots of pretty colours too. SNO
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              I came across that button before, but its too big, thanks. Ill keep hunting.

              What I think I'll do is set up a relay in a way that when the activating contacts of the door switch are engaged/touching, the light is off, and then when the door is open and the contacts are disengaged the light turns on.

              Tell me if my walk through makes sense before I waste money and time.
              1/ on the door have a solid metal strip.
              2/ on the cubby have two contacts, one + power, the other - power.
              3/ have a relay (I believe it is a dpdt will be right for this that when closed the metal strip makes contact across the +/- it closes the relay which does nothing. When the cubby is opened the relay opens to the second contacts which has voltage running through it and that turns on the light.

              My only concern is if something like this may cause small sparks potentially causing a fire when the cubby is opened and shut since its not insulated. Also if the contacts will get hot...or warmer than average when the cubby is usually closed.