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  • Looking for screen mounting advice

    Hello all, noob here to carputers but interested in learning quickly. So to detail things out here, I'm currently working on beginning plans for seeing if I can install a carputer. I have a 2007 honda accord SE v6 sedan with the regular integrated radio and 6 cd changer in the front console. I've already modded the lower pocket by putting an audio input jack on the radios aux slot. My issue is finding a spot to mount the monitor for the eventual build so it won't block the radio (since I do still use that), but will not require much modification to the factory appearance and maybe end up looking fairly stock to cut back on chance of theft.

    I've not chosen any parts yet, although I have a basic idea of what features i want (music, backup camera, gps, bluetoothing with phone, and maybe ODB monitoring for personal logs, maybe other stuff as I explore), and I know I don't want to use a laptop or modded tablet, but can't decide between android linux or a severely cut back windows. So with all that on the table, I figured it'd be best to ask and see if there's any suggestions for mods and clear advice that I've not found in my searches so far.

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    Looking for advice on screen mounting

    Hey guys, semi noob here, but looking to learn and eventually hopefully create my own carputer. I'm currently working on figuring out where and how to mount the screen before I do much further planning.

    I drive a 2007 Honda accord SE v6, with the integrated radio and 6 cd changer built in and the cubby pocket beneath that on the front console. the cubby is already modded with an auxiliary audio input jack connected to the aux port on the bottom of the radio behind and above the cubby. My issue is wanting to keep things looking pretty factory so it doesn't look cobbled together, but avoid too much alteration to the car if possible, at least for a start. I also don't want to block the radio as I still use that.

    As far as what I want out of a carputer, I've not chosen anything yet as far as parts (waiting till I'm certain I can mount the monitor), but I do have ideas as far as what features I want:

    backup camera
    phone connection integration (Bluetooth, etc)
    ODB monitoring display for personal logs
    other features as project progresses possible

    So, all that said, for now I'm just looking into ways to mount the touchscreen. can't decide if some sort of mold on the dashboard would work, or remodel the sunglasses holder (its just the holder and personal lights, no extras) as a kind of flip down screen or something like that. also can't decide on an OS between android or linux or, if features require, an extremely stripped down windows. so any help would be very useful right now.


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