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How long does it take for subdomain?

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  • How long does it take for subdomain?

    I put in a thing to get a subdomain so i can start documenting my mp3car but still no email yet.. (3days).. how long does it take? And i was wonderin if it would be much better to have a case about 3" tall compared to 4"" tall? Right now im using an old desk drawer which is barely big enough, barely deep enough for powersupply to sit in, but i noticed i can chop the powersupplys height down a little more than a inch. So would it be worth it to make a whole new case to have it a little smaller? (not too hard for me, im in a carpentry class in highschool and i could make it as a project). The final dimensions should be something like 3"tall x 12" wide x 16" deep.. so 12x16x3...
    Main reason im considering making a new case is cause this one looks like ****... At the time the only tool i had was a drill with a drill bit.. so i had to drill tons of holes to make openings for ports on mobo and cut a square out for p/s to stick out side, and had to use a big woodbit and make 50 holes right next to each otehr in a circle for holes for the fans.. (Im stupid eh?)
    Ahh i dont know whats with me, whenever i post something, it always comes out long...

    99 ram 5.9 turbo
    P4 2.0, MicroATX, Audigy2nx, Monster Cable / Alpine.
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