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Joycon on any multifunction steering wheel

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  • Joycon on any multifunction steering wheel

    Hi guys. I'm a newbie and know nothing about car electronics. I currently have a regular plain Porsche steering wheel. If I get a Porsche multi function steering wheel with different buttons on it, will Joycon work on that steering wheel to help me control a Nexus 7? Basically, does Joycon work on any steering wheel with buttons on it? Thanks.

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    Usually yes..but not always...a button is a button but the joycon is looking for a resistive value...this can be anything from within the joycons buttons in my nissan were virtually all the same.i needed to change/resolder the surface mount resistors to get the joycon to work successfully.not a big just need the right you need the buttons to work with the porsche factory stuff also?


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      Thanks Camo.b ! No I don't need the buttons to work with any of the Porsche factory stuff because I'll be replacing the Porsche stuff with the Nexus 7. When you say you had to change/resolder the surface mount resistors, does that mean you had to splice the wires/cables from your steering wheel buttons to the Joycon cables? If this is what you mean, then Joycon doesn't have specific adaptors to fit particular steering wheel button cables or connectors? Thanks for the response!


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        I am kind of curious about this too...

        My truck did not come with steering wheel controls but I just got a new steering wheel with controls very cheap with the wire harness needed to make it work. To use in my truck with factory controls I will likely need reprogramming but figured it was worth a shot anyhow.



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          If it is a CAN solution it depends on where the CAN signal comes from. If it is in the wheel or after. That also can be translated into the Joycon, but first understanding what you have would be in order. I've looked like crazy to find out that info without just getting one at a junkyard and have been unable. In my case I'd like to put a Corvette steering wheel with paddle shifters in my Escalade. Both are GM, both are made by TRW but I still can find the answer. I am not sure they are physically compatible either but am searching that out.

          In your case since you have the wheel I'd trace the pinout and measure what happens when you press a button.