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Carplay and Nexus 7 together

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  • Carplay and Nexus 7 together

    Hi guys, I am using the Nexus 7 as the head unit of my car entertainment/navigation system. I want to be able to make calls using my phone, but have it go through the Nexus so that the audio of the phone call goes through my car speakers, and so I can use the mic in the Nexus 7 to speak into. Essentially I want what is stock in most cars now, the ability to make phone calls through the car, hands free (I think most cars use bluetooth). I don't have an android phone so I can't use Tablet Talk, so currently, I am unable to do this.

    I have an iPhone 5S. And I know that Apple's Carplay app allows a link between the iPhone and the display in your car. Essentially, you can control your iPhone through your car's existing buttons and screen. Data from the iPhone's display is sent to the vehicle's in-dash screen via an H.264 video stream, which allows users to mirror the display of the iPhone onto the car screen.

    So I am wondering, however unlikely, if I can install Carplay onto my Nexus 7. Thereby be able to control my iPhone through the Nexus 7, and make phone calls using my iPhone but having it go through the Nexus 7 so that I get audio through the car speakers, and speak using the Nexus 7's internal mic. Is this possible? Thanks!