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Innovatek in-w72gps and 2009 Sante Fe wheel controls?

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  • Innovatek in-w72gps and 2009 Sante Fe wheel controls?

    I'm old to the forum's, but a dad etc. now. far behind. don't have the time for much.

    Started looking for a cheap nav option that would let me play any video.

    The IN-W72 caught my eye
    Cheap, simple and easy. if it breaks I buy a new one.

    I'm trying to figure out if I can still use my steering wheel control's on this device, and what wire kit would be needed?

    Any help appreciated!

    Thank You


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    Welcome back! It's funny I was just looking at the same model when you posted this. Price is right on. I have found those products are pretty good and support from mp3playerstore is good (being Canadian). Not sure about the steering wheel controls integrating with the unit though. You might get lucky using the joycon since its usb hid and the OS is ce6. For the money you really have nothing to lose. Keep us posted SNO