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Calling all XA-300 users

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  • Calling all XA-300 users

    I'm very interested in using this device with my carputer. I don't have any Sony equipment as of yet, but I will decide based on what I find out here.

    I want to use the USB input from my computer while using a sony headunit to control my pc. I'm not worried about programming the software or getting the cable. I am worried however, that the unilink cd changer controls only work when the cd changer is selected on the XA-300. Now this will not work as planned. But, I have some experience with soldering and have no problem opening it up and connecting the line out of the USB dac to the line in on the cd changer.

    So now, when selecting the cd changer I should get sound out of my computer (computer, usb, xa-300 usb input, soldered connection to cd changer input, head unit).

    I just want to make sure the USB aspect isn't turned off when it isn't activated by the head unit. If it is, I'm screwed. As long as sound is going through the USB input, it should work. So if anyone can test that the USB audio is still in device manager when the USB input isn't selected, that would be great. Thanks.

    1993 Probe GT
    Rio Car w/20gb