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Wiring cell to mp3computer

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  • Wiring cell to mp3computer

    Has anyone tried this for "hands free" cell phone operation? I figured I'd try this out since I already have an aux source (my epia-m) hooked up to my radio.

    I have a nokia 8260 with the 1/8" headset jack. I'd like to try and wire this to the "line-in" on my epia-m. A problem arises with nokia's proprietary headset wire: both the mic and the earpiece are connected to the same headset jack!

    I'm sure I could wire the actual earpiece to the line-in, but what should I do with the mic (for the cell phone)? I'd like to use just one mic to streamline things. I already have a mic hooked up to the epia-m for my gps nav. Will a "Y" type cable work for a mic (ie: 1 input -> 2 outputs)?

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    just buy the proper plug and experiment with the wiring until you get it.
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      Take appart an exsisting nokia headset

      I had an easy solution for my set up - Bluetooth headset
      My phone has built in bluetooth, and I added it to my pc, problem solved.

      You could use similar, they make a version of the headset that fits a nokia. Checkout plantronics
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        so do you use your PC to dial and answer (via bluetooth)?

        Im kinda confused
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          humm - I have confuzing answers -

          First off the headset to pc stuff is theory based, have not tried it yet, but the box says it will work fine.

          The pc can make the phone dial over bluetooth, but I dont use it.
          basically - the phone can use the headset as a "wireless phone headset" to answer , and voice dial. when I am not using the headset with the phone, the pc should see the headset as an audio device. microphone / soundcard Etc.

          I dont want to wear the mic all the time while in the car - but its cool to knwo you could....

          Here is a link to some bluetooth headset info -
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            I did this back when I had a 5110.
            I got a charging cradle and added some extra pins.
            I hooked up the phone to the phone header on my SB Live card and had the serial port hooked as well.
            Used MS phone dialer to make calls whilst it was connected.