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    Ohk, well I first got this idea when I was first offered a Crytstal Fontz 332 LCD screen. So I started playing around with it, and I didnt like it that much. But then I got the idea to put in my car with a computer in the trunk and all. I knew there were people out there that have done it and all. So I started writting down ideas and such and talking with some of my friends that know a little bit of whats going on with it. Well let me tell you whats going through my mind right now...I am definitly a ghetto genius. Real quick, I am 16 and about to get my first car (a 97' SunFire), and I am a very big computer guy who always needs one with him.

    Most projects I do with my computers end up being ghetto rigged because I used the most simplistic things possible to get the job done.

    So anyways, right before I found out about this site, here is what I was thinking about doing and what I have already setup this far.

    I was thinking first off putting in an inverter, getting a smart UPS for my trunk with Wake on LAN to turn the comp off and on with the car. Well that fell through, so now I am down to just a normal ups that cant shut it down...I am going to be re-routing the switch for the atx case to the front of my car with the lcd that I have acquired. I was still going to have the cpu in the trunk, but have the ups sitting behind the driver's seat so I can turn off the ups so it doesnt constantly drain itself without me turning it off, becauseit iwll just beep and beep untill I turn it off.

    So I was going to get the inverter and put it on top of the ups....Well then I came across this site...And let me tell you how ghetto I must sound to all you guys. I was checking out some of your projects, and wow...I wish I had the cash to get that kind of stuff and the know how.

    So, I just wanted to know that as of right now with my current lay out for my box, will it run fine in my car? (the inverter is 400 watts, and the ups is 350, and the box is only 250. I was told the box doesnt matter since I have the ups there.)

    The reason I thought up the up sis because I was told it will kill the battery extremely fast if the box runs off the battery.

    Any suggestions? I know its ghetto, but is is my first car too, and I will prolly make it nice and nicer as I go along, but just to get it in the car I figured I would just do that for now.

    I will be running Windows XP Pro off a (K6-2 500, 256 megs of ram, 30 gig hd), and I have Winamp setup to run off a joystick I was going to put in between the two front seats. And I was thinking about a wireless keyboard, but there owuld be no display to see what you are typing (maybe...I might be able to rig up something through the lcd monitor). But atleast you could hit j and start typing in to jump to a specific song, you just got to know what your typing or else you will get the wrong song. (P.S. I got 9400 mp3s ).

    Thanks I appreciate you tkaing the time to read through this and maybe having some suggestions.
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    the ups is a bad idea.. search the board to fund out why.. generally is wa to big and doesn't give good results. I'd stick to the inverter.

    your setup will run fine with it running off a 400 watt inverter. The only problem you will have is if your alternator cannot handle the load but it should. I've run my setup with a 360 watt inveter for 2 hours with the car off and i could still crank the car.
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      Awsome, thank you for the input . I won't use the ups then.
      If I can't win, then I won't let you.