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Noise problem just about licked :)

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  • Noise problem just about licked :)

    OK, I've gone the cheaper, less practical less efficient route, so it is partially my own route.

    No amp, no aux in on the Headunit, just an FM modulator, with an inverter and ATX PSU for power.

    SO I got noise issues.

    But I think I have it sorted. Once I had the FM Mod tuned to a clear station, and the radio tuned and locked to match it, quality was OK to good, but I had alternator whine.

    Tried a ground loop isolator and that got rid of the whine, but it dulled the clarity of the audio, and introduced crackle.

    After adding an extra ground to the invertor, which is connected to the same point as the relay that isolates the invertor from the battery, and also adding a ground from the Mobo tray, and PSU to the same ground point. I had got rid of most of the crackle, but it still sounded dull.

    Just as a thought, I removed the Ground Loop Isolator. Bingo full clarity, and only a little ocassional crackle (more like a loose wire somewhere than actual audio system noise).

    Bingo, I've just about done it.

    Of course the next version will be 12VDC powered, running and Amp, with no heaunit, but an FM USB unit, and a decent in dash VGA touchscreen to operate it. That will be better, smaller, and cleaner in sound
    4x4 in a turbo stylee.