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  • Riva128 TV-Out

    I've got the Parts Express 4" LCD. I've been able to hook up my VCR out to it and get a pretty good image.

    I'm using a RIVA128 and their TV-Out to send the signal. But the scrolls non stop, like old tv's where the VSYNC is off, and the image seems to be moved half way horizontally across the screen as well.

    I've tried using the latest drivers as well as using powerstrip to try to manually adjust the refresh rate, 1HZ at a time, but no avail.

    I don't really want to go out to buy a card with TV-Out. Plus is there a S-Video to RCA adapter somewhere that i could try?

    Anyone else have any expereience or have had similar problems?


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    I had problems with my RCA video out on ati all in wonder pro 8MB pci. I have no clue what happend but i found out that the svideo was still working so i got a svideo to rca cable at The image is really good from that cable. Perhaps bc it take the image from the svideo out. I noticed a better resolution.

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