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Carputer Mounting Ideas?

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  • Carputer Mounting Ideas?

    Hey Everybody. I'm looking for some ideas for mounting my carputer. It is a standard Tower case going in a '90 Dodge Daytona Hatchback. I guess my main question is do you need to do anything to stabalize it (shock absorbtion). I'm thinking of building a custom sub box with a seperated area on the bottom that holds the carputer. It would be lined with foam with air ducts for the fans. Does this sound okay? Is there a simpler way that still wouldn't look too tacky?

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    Anything with a standard tower case is going to look tacky unless you hide it...
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      i wouldn't bother shock absorbtion too much. my carputer that's based on a Shuttle Barebone system (regular pc parts except motherboard is smaller), sits in the back of my 97 Subaru Impreza, Lowered and also driven on rough roads on high speeds with the pc running. never had any troubles so far, just upgraded my test-harddrive to a 60Gig drive and everything still seems to last. PS: i have neither AC nor any airvents on in the box my pc sits in, never overheated anything so far

      my carputer now runs for about half a year almost every day.
      the only thing to worry about is Electrostatic currents... i installed my system during the winter --> air is very dry --> car seems to be like a capacitor --> burned three motherboards while trying to install it in my glove-compartement --> decided to install it in my trunk...

      first mobo (itx for factor with pentium III 1,2 gig, nevr ran, because of mobo damage (don't konw if it ran when i got it, since i installed it directly without prior testing) and opus 150W atx powersupply (12V input) next to it. HDD would have been mounted onto the door of my glove compartement.

      Shuttle system to go in the trunk:
      the opus power supply fits nicely in the upper HDD-drive slot + CD-Rom slot (its hight is about 3HDD's or 1HDD + 1CD-ROM, with is just about 1 HDD :-)

      once again my computer, here you can see the relais i installed to have a switched power that comes from the same source (directly form the battery) so i don't have ground-problems.. with this, my carputer produces no noise at all, just pure sound! (shuttle has great sondcards onboard (with spdif and 5.1 channels) )

      and here are the compartemens i built in the back of my trunk to hold my pc and it also contains two hidden 200mm low-mid speakers (so the computer is actually inside the speaker volume.. even this doesn't cause any troubles so far... )

      wooden raw-frame, before applying fiber to really fit my trunk:

      the finished compartement (did it for both sides the same way but only one side contains the computer of course)

      here you see what's inside besides the carputer:

      the only vibration troubles i had so far was with my ram --> when i hit a bump my pc would crash... took it out of the box and found alot of wooden splitters in my pc (probably still dust from when i built the box... some of these splitters must have gotten into the memory-slot and then sometimes some pins did not connect very well... took ram out of the slot, blowed all the dirt away, put it back in --> it's runing perfect again! ..

      so i'd say: don't bother vibration too much.. BUT: be careful with water! use maybe GoreTex to protect your vents from sucking water into the carputer.

      btw: see more pics of my still ongoing installation in
      my Album (sorry, all the comments are in german :-) but pictures say more than a thousand words ;-) )

      cheers and lots of luck with your installation
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