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    Hi i have a via TX 800
    and a 7" widescreen tft.
    Ive searched the forum for some solutions about how to power the computer and the screen. i found alot of info, too much info to be honest.

    So you guys that have a ITX, can you explain to me how to power it in the car.

    My case to the computer is a cubid

    The psu that follows the case is this one.

    The page is in swedish :/

    Can i just hook it up to the ciggaret plug or battery, or do i need anything else??

    And what about the screen ? what type of cabels do i need ?
    Thanks for your help guys !.

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    no, those power supplies do accept 12vs in (I believe) so you would automatically think why not just plug that into the car. the problem is car voltage fluctuates alot as high as 18 volts as someone stated. So your comp would become toast. You need to get an inverter (DC ~~> AC) or a dc-dc power supply (much more expensive). And for the screen you just need a video RCA and someway to power it: fuse tap, cig lighter, power supply off your computer....
    Mine needs to be updated.


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      you said i need a dc>dc power supply. but isnt that what i got ?



      "Yes, the ITX cases come with an external AC-DC transformer and an internal DC-DC converter which splits the voltages for the different parts of the motherboard. It's similar to a laptop's power setup.

      You can use an external DC-DC regulator (like the Targus Universal adapter thing or the Switchedmode ones) to supply regulated current to the DC-DC converter that's already in the case. That's what the 12V/5A supplies are for.

      Or you can pull out what's already in the case, and replace it with a full ATX power supply that uses DC input instead of AC. That's what the Opus, Sproggy, PC Power & Cooling, and Keypower units are. These wire up directly to the car, and plug directly into your ATX motherboard.

      Personally I think the regulator is a better idea if you already have an ITX case with the internal DC-DC. You've already got half of your power supply there, why rip it out and start from scratch? And this way, you can just unplug the miniplug from the case and carry the unit inside and use the AC-DC transformer it came with. If you already have the ITX case and do get rid of the existing stuff and go with a full DC PSU, I might be interested in buying the original PSU from you... Not sure from your posts if you actually got the case or not..."

      looks like it just the adapter i need ? or what ?