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2 15" mtx 6000 or 1 RF 15" HX2, and the winner is....

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  • 2 15" mtx 6000 or 1 RF 15" HX2, and the winner is....

    HEy everyone, ok just wanted to share this cuz im kinda dissapointed, ok I have a rockford fosgate 700s 1400watt max amp. Ok well i used to have a 15" rockford fosgate 1200watt max, HX2, with a custom made box made with the optimal enclosure volume and running at 4 ohms. I was VERY impressed by this sub and would get one again, but something happened and it went out, and it wasnt new so it wasnt under warranty. Well anyways I then wanted to get some bass again and my friend said he would hook me up and sell me the 15" 's he had, and they are pretty nice too, he gave me 2 15" mtx 6000's 750watt max each and running them at 4 ohms(8 ohm subs). Well I was really happy because he sold them to me for $100 for both but I was later a little dissapointed. Well I thought that these ones would hit a little harder because their was 2 of them and there still pretty good quality. Well so I hooked them up to another custom made box with optimal volume. So i hook them up.....not impressed. Well I mean its not like they dont bump but im surprised that its almost a tie, with the rockford fosgate sub going a LITTLE ahead. Well anyways just wanted to share, GO ROCKFORD And im getting a ford f-150 soon so im gonna probably end up selling the subs, but whatever it as fun messing around