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  • Starting again

    Hi all. I got the urge to start back up on my own in-car computer project. I had a half finished system working a couple of years ago using an Advantech SBC with my own Linux mapping software. After doing a little research the past couple of days it looks like it will be much easier to get a finished system this time around.

    Here's the system I've decided on, any comments, suggestions appreciated:

    Mini-ITX motherboard -
    ITX Vehicle Workstation Case and Powersupply -
    In-dash VGA LCD Touchscreen - has all sorts of nice links to relevant hardware and Linux software, although I'd like to eventually be able to bypass X altogether either by using something like DirectFB (, they seem to have some sort of gtk implementation, or modifying the various clients' source code myself.

    Since I don't need to complete my mapping client, it may actually be a little too easy this time around. I don't really care much for building hardware, but I did really want to do some coding.

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    I would love to find some Linux software that can run everything I want.. I prefer Linux to Windows as my OS and would like to get some GPS software that is as good as Copilot. If I could get that, I would be able to do my CarPC in Linux, and it would be able to boot a LOT faster (Flash Media would be able to fit it, too!)

    If you know of any good GPS software, and hardware, give me a shout!
    1993 BMW 325is - 15.2sec


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      The DashPC site has a listing of all the software and hardware he used in his project: I'll let you know my progress after I get all pieces together. It's pretty much hurry up and wait at this point since neither the LCD screen or opus case is out yet, and I'm waiting for the ITX board to come in...

      Yeah I just got done putting together a MAME arcade cabinet ( A friend managed to acquire a DVD full of ROMS, nearly 5 Gigs! I got much better performance running it from the frame buffer instead of X which is why I'd like to eventually do the same thing with this. I suppose I'll put MAME on it as well for the heck of it.