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  • If you had to do it all again...

    If you had to go back and do it all over [thereby eliminating those pricey mistake purchases on hardware, etc.]- what would you get or how would you have done it different?

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    i'd go small and not so cheap.. get a epia with a dc-dc psu and not my mini-atx with inverter
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      RF Wireless mini keyboard, NOT INFRA RED!

      get a touch screen if you can afford it, its worth it (I had one)
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        I just went through this.
        Changed to:
        Touch Screen
        Epia M
        RF Keyboard and RF Optical Mouse.

        I bought too many other parts before I was happy with this set up.
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          Epia, Opus, VGA TFT touch monitor (indash motorised if possible).

          Instead of ATX motherboard,
          Composite 7" STN hacked about console screen.
          ATX PSU

          It works, but it is far too large and cumbersome.
          4x4 in a turbo stylee.


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            Been through a few iterations myself:

            128x64 dot matrix LCD -> 20x4 VFD
            L296 power supply -> ISR power supply
            Laplink parallel port link -> 100 Base T ethernet
            Keypad -> UIR remote control

            Other than that, I think I got it pretty right...
            Of course, my first iteration is four years old, and technology moves on.

            Old Systems retired due to new car
            New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.


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              Originally posted by wizardPC
              RF Wireless mini keyboard, NOT INFRA RED!
              OMG right on the freaking ball. I agree 100%
              I would have also spent the extra hundred or two on a indash vga toushcreen.
              What im curently listening to.
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                I would say that when I first started, I would have gone for a small board (fv25 shuttle or an epia) instead I bought a big *** thing and it took up a bunch of then I bought the fv25. then I was using a inverter, then I bought the opus....

                I would have bought a small board and the opus right away.
                I'm REALLLLLLLLy happy with the speed of a 1.3 celeron too..
                up and at em' in 30 sec from a cold boot. and about 15 with hibernate. with out any tweaks in XP


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                  i am in the midle of changing my hole set up, i went with what i had on hand my laptop! but i am installing a real computer in and i have to say the opus dc/dc is the only way to go too...
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                    I would not get a shuttle Fv24 or Fv25. Both have problems with the video out. The composite out picture does not fill the screen. Also neither have USB 2.0 which makes finding an Indash dvd hard withought burning the only PCI slot for a USB 2.0 card.

                    91 cadillac sedan deville, winXP, FV25 with Celeron 800, Redant 7" widescreen in dash, Opus DC-DC, Irman, Digital Cable remote(lots of buttons), 120 gig 7200rpm 8meg cache WD hard drive, VI power mobile HD rack, mediaengine


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                      I would have not damaged the bezzel on my dash clock as badly as I did trying to get the damn thing out. The manual never said a damn thing about there being clips holding it in place :/
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                        Originally posted by Michael Szilagyi
                        I would not get a shuttle Fv24 or Fv25. Both have problems with the video out. The composite out picture does not fill the screen. Also neither have USB 2.0 which makes finding an Indash dvd hard withought burning the only PCI slot for a USB 2.0 card.

                        The video out on the FV24 can be fixed with the right driver and the right bio. If you had to do it all over again you would still use composite instead of VGA? Most of us are using 7" wide screen. As far as I know FV24 is the only small form factor that supports wide VGA for wide screen. No USB2.0 but has firewire.
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                        If you have a Shuttle FV24 motherboard in perfect working condition for sale, please PM me.


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                          I would have bought an opus right off the bat instead of waiting for the 90w.....I waited so long I dont have the money for it anymore.
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                            I am still working on my first setup. I have the whole thing mapped out in my head, but cannot build it due to being in the middle east. My list up there is what I will be going with. I would recommend searching for just the right components and knowing your cars interior inside and out. I am going to use a small 1U rackmount sized project box suspended under the factory amp in my trunk. I will post pics in like 6 months when they finally let me go home. I will even get to find out what it is like to live with my wife, so it might be 10 months before I get pics posted

                            My advice:
                            1. Do your homework
                            2. Cutting costs now will only increase overall costs of the project, do it right the first time.
                            3. Take your time, rushing the install or the aquisition can cost your more than just money. (fingers, fried equipment, getting ****ed and pusing your car off a cliff).
                            4. Listen to these guys in here, they know thier stuff
                            MSI K7T turbo limited ed.
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                            TM - 701 ( Touchscreen and VGA kits will be added later)
                            ATI Rage Fury
                            looking at OPUS 150
                            512 PC100
                            40Gb HD
                            SuSE 8.2 Professional


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                              I'm on my first real integrated system, but have been using old bits and pieces for the past year or so.

                              I have bought an entire setup from one guy here, which I have used bits from, plus other bits I have bought as well:

                              Epia M10000
                              Morex 55W DC-DC (got with the other bits, works fine for now, no need for anything more powerful such as an Opus)
                              Irman + slimline remote
                              7" Xenarc 700TS VGA display
                              6.4" Composite display (will be secondard display, possibly for rear passengers, or something else)
                              40gb Maxtor 7200rpm drive
                              20gb laptop hdd (from stuff i bought together)

                              As I have touchscreen, there will probably, at the moment, not be a need for a seperate RF keyboard/mouse, however should it be needed, I can always add that later.

                              As I am doing up my entire car (putting a 1600 Mk2 Escort engine, gearbox, suspension/steering etc in a Ford Anglia) I will be able to custom build everything into the dash, and around the PC. I shall be using a seperate battery as a tank circuit, which will eliminate the need for such a sophisticated power supply with shutdown protection, and will allow me to keep it running while cranking the power.

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