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please help. need kenwood din pinout. will share project when done

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  • please help. need kenwood din pinout. will share project when done

    if anyone could please provide the kenwood din pinout, it would be greatly appreciated....


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    It should be in the manual.

    Checked on the kenwood website for PDFs of the manual? Youll need acrobat reader to view PDFs.


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      uhh errr uhh errr uhhh


      um... thanks for the reply, but i already checked the website. only has USER manuals on line. not SERVICE manuals or PINOUTs to their products. i can't think of any company that would openly publish these as this information can be used to develop 3rd party "add ons"....

      if anyone has any information on the pinouts, please let me know.



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        hey . . .what do you need the pinout for?

        i know i have the aux input connector that i bought from crutfield a while back for 20 bux. . .im sure if you take that apart you could figure it out. . ..i got rid of the kenwood a while back because i switched to a dscustoms 7 vga screen. . .oh yea i used to have the kdc-x711
        2003 Mazda Protege5
        Molded Xenarc touch Screen
        Via M10000, seagate 40gb, 16x laptop dvd, RS gps
        EDAC 55w dc/dc
        homebrew shutdown controller
        2 power acoustik 10 FUBR's, A1800DB mono amp, AH600 to power mids and highs, pioneer speakers


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          trying to harness the audio signals directly from the cable...

          the idea is the following:

          control the sirius tuner and phatbox with their KCA R70 FM modulator.

          I don't want the modulation, but I'd like to get the audio signal from the cable going into the modulator/controller (its line level, left and right) and funnel that into RCAs that can then attach to my BMW OEM AUX adapter behind my NAV system....


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            This should get you started:


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              I can't THANKYOU enough!

              I'll post the whole install when complete!!!