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What do you guys think of this computer?

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  • What do you guys think of this computer?

    Not bad imo. It has alot of upgrades you can do to it. I just want some opinions as i'm about to venture into the mp3car world
    1998 Altima

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    Hummm... first it would definitely depend of the price they sell it for.

    Second... the fun we have is doing all this ourselves and sharing ideas. If you don't have time or interest then yeah, sure, they seem to have everything you'd want in a CarMP3 package with all the available options.

    Two things: 1- you miss the fun this new hobby has to offer and the real pride when you tell people you built it yourself. AND 2- you will pay more to have someone build it for you.

    If your question was what do we think of this as a complete 'off-the-shelf' system, then I would ask them what the price is, if the screen is VGA and what the boot time is.
    Last thing you want is having to wait 2 minutes for your system to boot when you start driving.

    Did I forget something guys?
    z-24 Mp3
    P-200 w/ 64meg RAM, Win 98 lite
    13.6 Gig HD, 4x20 LCD, keypad, IR remote(?), tape adapter
    (...working on touchscreen LCD, FM trans/mod and RF remote)


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      Tee hee, uses inverter...
      current projects


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        appears to be a "book pc" with metal case. I know everyone is waiting for me to spout off about the stuff i sell but sorry not this time, check out for similarly equipped "book pc" at pretty reasonable price. Barebones also available fo the "diy"